A Favor – A Girl and Her Gun

I have friend who is a gunnie and first rate Patriot who just hours ago lost her entire home to a fire.

The details are sketchy as they were told to me by her mom, but my friend, Ce, smelled something burning, went outside to explore and found her roof on fire. She and her husband were able to get their 3 kids and animals out of the house safely. They lives so far out that help was not possible and they lost everything!

I do not know all their needs, but they have 3 small boys who probably could use some clothes and maybe a toy or two. If anyone is willing to donate old clothes or other items laying around the house please leave a message here or email me.

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Let’s do this guys. I’d guess that gift cards to stores like Wally World or a local franchise of pet shop would also come handy.

That money saved for the ammo that can’t be found? Let’s put one box’s worth to good use.

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