Brady Campaing did not think this one all the way.

I swear they wait for me to get in Facebook to dump stuff like this:

Brady Baldwin

I really don’t think Alec Baldwin is the best person to be sending messages thru the phone. Ask his daughter:

How can we take them seriously when they do stupid stuff like this?

3 Replies to “Brady Campaing did not think this one all the way.”

  1. I’ve been waiting for this. Little is more enjoyable than telling some anti-gun scumbag that the guy speaking for them has contributed more to human suffering than your average NRA member. You use illegal drugs, you’re paying assholes so they can murder each other and the innocents around them. Sorry, once you’ve been hitting the coke etc you have no more credibility in the gun debate.

  2. The dude is more than willing to make money acting in movies where his character not only touches a gun (gasp!), but uses it liberally to stop hordes of bad guys, but doesn’t think anyone has the right to own guns. Do they not see the hypocrisy inherent in such a statement? Well, if they’re willing to make up numbers, dance in the blood of innocents, and flat-out lie to promote their agenda, I guess the answer to my question is “no.”

    1. I’m pretty sure they’re willing to kill the innocents themselves just to have blood to dance in.

      They’re eager enough to accuse us of it. You don’t accuse other people of being monsters unless you’ve been around a LOT of monsters(like me) or you’re a monster yourself.

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