Everybody hit this poll

During a session on home defense Saturday, firearm instructor Rob Pincus argued that a child’s bedroom could be the best place to keep a gun in the home, even though many would have “an emotional pushback” to that, according to a ThinkProgress report.

via NRA speaker advocates keeping guns in kids’ bedrooms — MSNBC.

Just to see MSNBC pop a vein. Get your fun where you can get it.

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  1. I think the way he states it, it makes a lot of sense. I think if anyone broke into a home where a Child and parents are living, the parents are going to either go to the child’s room and stay there, or go to the child’s room and bring the child with them to another room of the house. I’m pretty sure someone breaking into your house would be terrifying and you might forget something on the way there, like a gun/flash light and it would be dangerous to leave a choke point to go into a shooting lane just to go into another choke point. At the beginning and at the end you will be at the most defensible position in the house, but in the middle you will be in the least defensible place in the house.

    I can see why it makes sense, but honestly I don’t think I would do it. Then again I am not a parent so I really don’t think my ideas on the subject are worthwhile. My SR9 is either on my hip or right next to me all day so I don’t really stash guns around the house. I think that would be your best bet in the end. Have the gun on you or right next to you all day every day. A snub nose in your PJs beats a 12 gauge in your safe.


  2. Well hey, I practically sleep in a nest made of guns.

    Current numbers as of my vote
    Yes: 49.75%, 1,617 votes
    Maybe: 33.69%, 1,095 votes
    No: 16.55%, 538 votes

    This should be fun. I love a good fireworks show.


  3. My first bun won’t come out of the oven ’til December, but I think I’d tell the pollster “Keep one of my guns in my kid’s room? Nah, he doesn’t have any more room in his safe!”



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