Ammo Panic Buy Might Still Be Going Strong.

Caught this on Reddit:
0ammopanicJPGIf you want to put a simple number to it, that makes over 13,000 rounds sold per minute with this company alone. Not even Homeland Security can compete against that.

And can you imagine the fit of sheer horror if Ladd & Josh ever find out how fast and how much ammo is flowing to the hands of us “Insurrectionists”?

Yeah, that made me smile too 🙂

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  1. Just wait till they find out that every 4.7 years Americans buy the same amount of small arms ammo that the United States produced for herself and 43 of her allies in WWII.

    American Civilians buy enough ammo each year that they are only slightly behind the ammo production of one of the few countries that managed to keep a steady economy during the war.

    Also if NSSF’s adjusted NICS check information is true, Americans bought an extra 1 million guns over the amount the United States supplied to herself and 43 allies in WWII in just 2012. From Pearl Harbor to V-J day America produced 12 million rifles and carbines for 44 countries. From January first to December 31s American civilians bought 13 million and change.

    Numbers are fun. Especially when you think about all the tears from anti-freedom groups.

    Really interesting reading if you have the time.


  2. I’d imagine it’s going to take a little more time for people to replenish the supplies they expended during the shortage. That’s probably why it’s still hard to find ammo. There is still a pretty significant demand. I give it another couple months before we start seeing online retailers with some decent and regular stocks.



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