Facepalm of the Week: We won so we issue death threats?

This past week, Kutztown students, faculty and staff were first learning of the university’s new weapons policy which opens the campus to guns. The new policy, according to the Morning Call, will give ”Kutztown more gun freedom than most of the state-owned universities, even more than the sample policy suggested by the state’s attorneys,” despite statements to the contrary by the university’s president, Javier Cevallos. It didn’t take long before the radical, pro-gun playbook showed its ugly face. Shortly after he first heard about the policy under consideration at an April meeting of Kutztown’s Administrative Council, the president of the faculty union, Dr. Paul Quinn, began receiving anonymous death threats

via Next Page in Pro-Gun Playbook at KU: Death Threats | Raging Chicken Press.

Gun rules get relaxed on campus which is what gun owners wanted. But apparently for these twisted souls, death threats only come from Gun Owners. You need to suspend common sense to buy this load.

Logic died a little today.


3 Replies to “Facepalm of the Week: We won so we issue death threats?”

  1. I suspect Dr. Paul Quinn will be exercising his new firearm-bearing freedoms. Which is good, because that will make it harder for the OBVIOUSLY ANTI-GUN THREATS to be carried out.

    Seriously, “Which do you fear more: guns or death?” Yes, that was totally written by someone who opposes gun control. Yep.



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