CSGV: Desperation Breeds Stupidity

I have been remiss and not paying attention to my buddies at the Cult Coalition To Stop Gun Rights Violence. But this one post I found in Facebook just now needed to be shared with my readers.

CSGV Felon
Let’s get to brass tack fast: “A convicted felon takes on the National Rifle Association.” Is that the way you want to go? A felon sings a tune that CSGV likes and need to be celebrated? Doper, thief and counterfeiter, arrested thirty times and with three trips to prison has, in the opinion of these idiots a higher moral standing than five million law-abiding NRA Members?

And then they wonder how come nobody pays attention to what they have to say.


7 Replies to “CSGV: Desperation Breeds Stupidity”

  1. “As a convicted felon, I know Adam Lanza never could have gotten an illegal firearm.”

    Then you need to be more creative.

    (That, or he’s trying to make an alibi for any felon who gets his hands on an illegal firearm)

    There is a certain book where the author retells interviewing a police officer on the best way to commit murder. The officer’s suggestion: “Double-barrel shotgun in an extremely public place, blow the target away with both barrels, and then leave in the confusion.” What about hitting the target at his home? “Too many witnesses.” concealed handgun and a silencer? “Oh, that’s illegal. You’d get in way too much trouble for that.”

    Oh yes, sure, because I really care about the penalties for carrying a concealed handgun and an unregistered silencer if I’m planning to MURDER SOMEONE!

  2. “As a convicted felon, I know Adam Lanza never could have gotten an illegal firearm.”

    As someone who learned how to read and comprehend the English language, I know Adam Lanza got not only one illegal firearm but _multiple_ illegal firearms. Because, y’know, reality has that habit of happening whether you are paying attention to it or not.

  3. Wow. THAT’S their argument now? ::facepalm::

    Well, look on the bright side: at least they’re now admitting that their frontman and source is a criminal!

  4. That one’s been spread around the anti-gun groups the last few days. The levels of nonsense in the article are off the scale but since it’s anti-gun, Ladd et al will glom onto it like a frat boy to his drunk prom date.

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