Moms Demand Action: They like their Felons too…

MDA BornmanJust like their brainless partners at the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence, MDA desperate seeks vindication by any way or any body. So if a felon in a Supermax prison writes a suck up letter against the NRA, they desperately cling to it as if it was the Holy Scriptures.

Never mind that Gary W. Bornman was convicted to 20 years for bank robbery, the last of his 81 convictions. Never mind that the judge had to conclude that he was beyond rehabilitation. Never mind that he liked to write to newspapers and brag about the crimes he would commit as soon as he was out of prison: “So the next time you hear of someone committing some horrendous crime, it could quite possibly be me they’re talking about,” he wrote. “Only don’t say you weren’t forewarned.” Never mind all that, he said something bad about the NRA so he must be OK. He is their new hero!

Tack up another difference between the Anti Gun advocates and us: We do not like violent felons. We prepare against violent felons. MDA and CSGV love them felons and hate us.

That says a lot about their priorities in life.

PS: When you see MDA, understand that I refer to Moms Demand Action and not MDA as in the drug 3,4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine, an hallucinogenic which is the first cousin of Ecstasy and makes the consumer see things that ain’t there,…OK, never mind.

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  1. ( is currently down, so I can’t read the letter sent)

    Let’s also forget momentarily that an unarmed populace is easier pickings for MOST dangerous criminals, who have no reason to try to make the world a SAFER place. An un-reformed violent criminal is highly unlikely to give advice to people which will keep them safe from criminals. Quite the opposite, actually.

    He isn’t expressing actual gratitude. He’s trying to ensure that in the event of his release or escape(which he probably considers inevitable), he’ll have plenty of victims ripe for the picking.

    1. Or… perhaps the site isn’t down, and my ISP is just being weird. I can’t access Fox News or Washing Times either.

      Just on a whim, I tried to get to Huffpo. Still nothing.

      1. As I’ve said before, they should do their own wetwork instead of hiding behind hired killers and false flags.

  2. ahhh …if they’re using him as a spokesperson doesn’t that make them…well….thug lovers? you know the kind of folks who bemoan some deserving cockroach having their lives taken by the state for taking the lives of the innocent?

    Certainly seems both groups have the same ‘hostage’ mentality to me.

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