Ruffling the feathers of The Yankee Vulture Bus Tour: Connecticut.

Outstanding report from literally ground zero on the new push for Gun Control.

Yankee Vulture

Sorry for my friends that see this elsewhere, sharing on the usual gun forums:
So, I have my asbestos suit on…. flame away….
I went down to Newtown to face the Bloomberg folks today Went with a buddy of mine, Joshua. He’s a younger guy, Marine, getting active in the 2A movement. I decided not to wear a CCDL shirt, I don’t think that was the time (especially if the anti’s decided to engage us in a loud ruckus and all – I didn’t want the organization getting the negative attention). So, I decided on wearing my “guns save lives” shirt. Pretty obvious, given their whole campaign was about ending gun crime. Which reminds me, you wanna see people in the anti-gun camp freak out: When they ask an open carrier why they are there, just say “I believe in stopping gun crime”….. the look on the face is EPIC!!!
But I digress…..
So, we were blatantly open carrying in our retention holsters. Turns out, the Bloomberg folks called 911 on us…. no biggie, we were in the right.
Officers showed up, said “Hi”. They did not hassle us at all about being there. No “sidewalk, grass” nonsense like I’ve seen at other events where I’ve OC’d. Mind you, we were the only pro gun folks there.
Officer says “do you have a permit?”…. obvious “yes”. “Can I see it?”. Now, I could have been a prick here and said, “why?”. However, as you can see by the few pictures, satellite trucks from CNN and national broadcasters were there as well. I didn’t want to draw negative attention (especially when we were doing so well). So, I said sure. I have my permit, Joshua did the same (mind you, funny hearing my name coming out of a cruiser over fifty feet away!).
Officer then called on her cell phone after running our permits (clean). She acknowledged our courtesy when she handed our permits back. She DID NOT ask for our firearms, run serial numbers or ANYTHING. Simply said, thank you and we had a short chat. She commented on the fact that we were indeed courteous and respectful. Admitted that we were free to walk wherever we want. She asked if others were coming and I said I wasn’t sure. She then continued with pleasant conversation by saying “if they give you a hard time, feel free to call us and we’ll fix the situation”….. Then a simple “thank you and have a nice day”.
Then, it gets even better….. the guy from Bloomberg’s group goes over to them and….. NOTHING. They obviously didn’t think it was legal, found out otherwise. Had our pictures taken A LOT of times by the anti’s that were VERY poor at trying to take pictures thinking we wouldn’t notice!
All in all, spent almost two hours out there, quietly on the side and EVERYONE knew we were there. Pointing, looking. NOTHING.
CNN tried to “direct” an pre-interview with me. Tried to flow the conversation with statistics. Look on her face when I gave her data right back that is provable, and she realized she couldn’t make me look like an idiot.
Best part: We stood in front of the NBC-30 folks for nearly two hours and they didn’t even notice….. when we were FACING them.
Bottom line:
We made our presence known.
Open carried.
Were courteous with everyone we met.
They found it so hard to comprehend because we didn’t argue, antagonize or try to belittle their little moment of exploitation.
Damn right it was a good day.
Now flame away, I showed an officer my permit…


Credit of the above goes to Jonathan Hardy &
I am gonna have to start liking them Yanks…at least some of them. 🙂

26 Replies to “Ruffling the feathers of The Yankee Vulture Bus Tour: Connecticut.”

  1. Asbestos suit? Flame on? Oh hell, no!

    THANK YOU, Jonathan!

    The carnivore restaurant’s bar TVs last night was showing CCN’s fawning coverage of the Newtown event. Several of victim’s relatives were paraded out like sideshow geeks for the mandatory bloody shirt interviews. My heart aches for them, but can’t they see they’re being cynically used?

    Didn’t see any OCs, but fortunately, the TVs were switched over to the Dodger game.

    Thanks again!

  2. Awesome!

    Of course nobody’s going to show the OC’s, they were being (typically) courteous, polite, and informed. That doesn’t fit the pre-approved script. So no showing of them!

  3. Best part: We stood in front of the NBC-30 folks for nearly two hours and they didn’t even notice….. when we were FACING them.

    I hope that footage got on TV. Epic photobomb is epic.

  4. Bravo on an operation well executed.

    You should have brought pairs of underwear to offer the “journalists” that soiled theirs.

  5. You were right…shouldn’t have to show our permit but being courteous, which we are, you did the right thing.

    I love the dumbfounded ness of liberals…they think they have the answers until you have more. Then they realize they have nothing.

    Until we get rid of Obama this will not end…so keep up the good work and keep proving them wrong.

  6. I think in this context the showing and checking of permits is OK. Look at it from the antis and police view:

    “But they’re carrying eeevil baby killer guns!”

    “For which they have valid permits.”

    “[Something very unhappy….]”

  7. I know they are not providing a schedule for the Vulture Bus Tour, but is one of us good guys tracking it? I’d sure like to meet them and say ‘hello’ if it comes my way.

  8. Awesome! And and I’m glad to hear our police have gotten around to reading their bulletins that once again remind them open carry is legal in CT.

  9. For folks who are interested, I have been digging into the MAIG “No More Names” Site. Details on upcoming events in Raleigh NC 6/22, and Atlanta GA 6/24 can be found at the following links.

    See a pattern?

    Please be respectful like the gentlemen in the above post. It does our side no good to be aggressive and give the news orgs the kind of clips they want.

  10. They are coming to Atlanta, GA state capitol Mon, June 24…

    I know at least a dozen groups are trying to have a presence, I’m going, and i know down here most of us will have long arms and Class III weapons.

    Gonna be a great day, already cleared time off work.

  11. Well done. You did the right thing ala Police 101. They ask for your permit and if your state requires it, you show it. Cops dig politeness and courtesy. Always a good thing to use it.

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