Bug Out Vehicle ? Me thinks the Casspir.

From what I hear, they can be bought for a cheap song. Bad news, the shopping is way over in South Africa so the shipping charges are murder.



Design Monocoque, “V” Hull
Seating Driver + 13 (max)
Protection Levels
Ballistic protection 7.62mm x 51mm ball.
Land Mine protection 3 x TM57 (21kg TNT) under any wheel, or
2 x TM57 (14kg TNT) centrally under hull.
Wheelbase 4 200 mm
Overall Length 6 900 mm
Overall Height 3 125 mm
Overall Width 2 450 mm
Ground Clearance 350 mm
Vehicle (Tare) 9 480 kg
GVM 10 880 kg
Make/Model ADE352
Configuration 6-in-line
Max Power 96 Kw @ 2 800 rpm
Max Torque 344 Nm @ 1 600 rpm
Size 14.00 x 20 x 18 Ply
Fuel Tank 220 Litres
Max Speed 90 kph
• Turbo charged ADE352T Engine.
• “Run-flat” tyres.

So it goes top speed of 60 mph, holds 60 gallons of diesel and optional run flat tires?
Oh, and it is 4×4.
Yep… that would be the one.

5 Replies to “Bug Out Vehicle ? Me thinks the Casspir.”

  1. “From what I hear, they can be bought for a cheap song.”

    Define: “a cheap song”

    Also, how many of them fit in a shipping container?

    1. They are about 22 feet long so …. And we are talking about the pre-Mandela era Caspirs (mid late 90s) so they are in need of TLC … I am guessing high 4 figures

  2. Would need an engine swap. A 130 HP, 5.7L, naturally aspirated (non-turbo) diesel, is pretty weak tea. Drop in a 300HP, 6.7L Cummins crate engine and now you really got something.

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