Obvious things are obviously in front of your eyes.

Took a trip to the range today with SWMBO and although fun was had, I was not happy with my marksmanship and I have nobody to blame but me.

When I saw my groups were not as tight as they should be, I went back to the basics with special attention to the front sight acquisition and there is where I found the issue: I could not see but a blur. I had to move head up and down trying to get an angle where my glasses could provide me with a better image and it was not easy.

Of course it was in the middle of it that I remembered a voice mail left by my eye doctor’s office last week saying hi and telling me that I haven’t been over to visit them in over two years. I might be in need of a new prescription, you think?

At the range, lack of a proper front sight picture is an annoyance. Out there in real life is the difference between hitting the intended target where it will make him stop his misdeed and not stopping him or miss altogether.

Time to make an appointment.

SWBO playing with her S&W 22A.

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  1. Replaced all my Glock night sights with AmeriGlo GL-433, .180 wide rear, .140 front Green Tritium Dot with Orange Outline, learned to shoot with both of my eyes open… πŸ™‚

        1. Eye exams every year, or short of that as often as you can afford is reasonable. Still, the change in prescription may not really warrant new glasses more than every 2-3 years.

          Personally, my last eye appointment was probably in the fall of 2005, and I’m about due for new glasses.

  2. I’m still in denial that I need glasses πŸ™ “They’re just for reading,” I say.
    Then I try to read some medicine or ingredients, and I can’t hold it far enough to be legible πŸ™

    I need to man up and get it done…

    1. ” and I can’t hold it far enough to be legible :(”
      A friend of mine calls it Testicular Reading. You end up placing the reading material somewehere near your gonads.

  3. About 4 years ago I had my bi-annual eye exam at the VA and surprise, tri-focals. This getting old shit is for the birds.

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