The Yankee Vulture Bus Victims’ List: Miami.

Out of An NC Blog, I finally found the Slate list that the riders of the Yankee Vulture Bus use to read the names of people who dies of “gun violence.” Since it is a searchable database, I did a quick look for Miami and found some interesting things:

Eric Fussell: Shot in a car with companion Joshua Whack (also in the list) and according to the local NBC station “Whack had a lengthy criminal record, mostly for cocaine charges, dating back to 2004, according to court records. Fussell had been arrested previously on fraud, marijuana and cocaine charges, court records said.”

Remember, Bloomberg & Slate. are trying to sell you that they are doing this to save innocent victims, but they have no problem adding the name of veteran criminals to the list to pad it.

Dell Peter DiGiovanni: Suspect in a shootout with police as they were investigating drug trafficking and opened fire on the officers. Here is the rub: Dell Peter DiGiovanni hung himself. Must have used bullet rope or something like that.

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A man believed to have been one of three people who got into a shoot out with police in front of a burning home in southwest Miami-Dade Tuesday night was found hanging from a tree.Wednesday afternoon, police confirmed that the body of 50-year old Dell Peter DiGiovanni hung himself on a tree in front of a home at SW 147 Avenue and SW 48 Terrace.

Carlos Zuniga: This one I find particularly disgusting that this case got included. Carlos Zuniga murdered his 11-year-old son, wounded his wife and daughter and then committed suicide. This bastard is not a “victim” of “Gun Violence” but he dies by using his own gun on himself so it is good enough to be used in the Yankee Vulture Bus solemn readings.

Milton Devon Johnson: This one takes the cake because he was an armed robber who found out the hard way that armed victims are not quite defenseless. Yes, Milton Devon pulled a gun on somebody to rob him of his possessions and got a direct ticket to the morgue for his efforts. Now, I can see why Bloomberg & Slate would see this guy as a victim, how dare a citizen use deadly force to defend himself from an underprivileged American just seeking to do some amateur wealth sharing?

Joe White III: So what this perfect example of human being was doing when he was shot to death? Praying in church? Helping old ladies cross the street? Feeding the poor at a soup kitchen? Nope, he was shot by the police after stabbing three women, members of his family.

Marcial Martinez: It is never a good idea to pull a knife on cops as they tend to shoot you right where you stand and that is what happened to this subject who was involved in an argument, police was called and apparently Mr. Martinez decided that he was too macho to obey police orders to drop the knife. Are you guys getting the sense that Bloomberg & Slate really do not like cops at all?

Next I present you with Mr. Unknown. I am not kidding. He died on 6/11/2013
bloomber unk Then on 6/29/2013:
bloomber unk3And finally on 6/30/2013.
bloomber unk2Must be an outbreak of the Undead that I have not heard about.

The database showed 22 results for Miami, four of those were for cities/towns in Oklahoma and Ohio with the same name. Six were either criminals or people committing crimes, three were “unknown” whatever the hell that means which leave us with six confirmed innocent people who were real victims of violence perpetrated with the use of a gun. Leaving the “Unknowns” aside, we have six real victims and a set of six less-than-stellar citizens which means the numbers for Miami were padded 100% by Slate and propagated by Bloomberg’s Yankee Vulture Bus.

I know I repeat myself but: If their cause is so righteous and just, why lie?

Because it ain’t.

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  1. I wrote a post about this last night.

    I looked at the ‘gun deaths’ nationwide for July 1 – 6 and found that of 175 posted stories, 8 were double posts, 20 (11.43%) were legal interventions, and 5 were suicides. Of the actual homicides, most lacked enough information to know what happened other than someone was shot and killed by a gun.

    Of the articles that presented enough information to leave the reader at least slightly informed, it seemed the majority were criminal on criminal homicides, either gang related or during a criminal activity. Oh, and I didn’t read any news articles from IL, I just assumed they were all homicides.

    1. I was thinking a bit ago that it is sad that the memory of the kid murdered at Sandy Hook is being associated with drug dealers and assorted scum of our streets that happened to die by their actions or their lifestyle. I wonder if the parents that have lent their kids’ names to this sick Bloomberg’s crusade are even aware of it.

      1. Lent their kids’ names? More like rented their kids’ names and if they are aware of it, I doubt they care. Yeah, I started losing sympathy for the families shortly after they mounted their crusade to push legislation that would have no effect on their cause. I lost sympathy for them when they scoffed at being called a lobbyist group, then formed a lobbyist group. I’m sure they get their information from the various gun prohibition cults, so they’re well insulated from facts.

  2. All I had to do was check the list for Des Moines. The first one I checked was a home invader that thought it was wise to point a gun at a couple of cops. I bet if I checked, most of the DSM deaths are drug or gang related.

  3. Ok, so I followed suit for the nearest large city to me, Charlotte, NC.

    First one I looked up for Charlotte, NC (the nearest city to me)

    Lemuel Rufus Furr:
    Suspect Dead After CMPD Involved Standoff And Shooting – Crime In Charlotte
    CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A suspect is dead after a standoff and shooting with Charlotte-Mecklenburg police in the University Area early Saturday morning.

    And the third:

    Jaquaz Walker:
    Family outraged over teen’s death, CMPD says it had no choice – WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports,…
    Police in Charlotte say they were forced to shoot a teenager in a gang-related undercover drug operation at an elementary school and are now searching for another teen involved.

    #6 on the list:

    Terrance Mingo:


    Roy Bethea Jr.:…See More
    Police: Drugs behind west Charlotte shooting death
    Detectives say they believe a drug deal was behind the fatal shooting of a man late Tuesday night in west Charlotte’s Ashley Park neighborhood.


    Davis Wayne Walthall:


    De’von Anttone Noel

    Was actively participating in a home invasion it looks like:
    1 man killed in struggle at northwest Charlotte apartment
    Charlotte man shot after trying to force his way into an apartment where another man lived and had a female guest.


    Ronny Eugene Steele:

    Biggest offender so far, a 1978 conviction for Kidnapping


    Monte Jarron Gay

    #16 is another police shooting:

    Spencer Rollins Mims III:


    Benjamin Sky McDaniel

    I dont need to look up his record, witnesses on the scene put him as being involved in a crime.

    So there you have it, out of 18 shootings in Charlotte since Sandy Hook, a full 10 of them have either been by police officers or people that live or engage in a life of crime…

    I should note, 2 of the rest seemed to be actual, honest, innocent people that were doing nothing wrong.

    The remaining 6 were involved in “altercations” according to the news stories I was able to pull up. Now, as we know that does not always mean that they were involved in wrong doing.

    Also, just because they have no criminal records in NC does not mean they are not criminals. I only searched the NC database. SC is less than a mile from the southern border of Charlotte so it is entirely possible that there are records in other places.

    But… Lets say for the sake of argument that all of those 8 were perfect angels that never harmed even a fly… That still leaves 10 others that were not.

    And yet the group(s) that are peddling the information that these people are “gun victims” are still going to use that as a way to try to take my rights.

  4. There were six in New Hampshire. Two career felons shot by cops, one career felon shot by a citizen in a home invasion, one “accident” in that a Wile E Coyote supergenius partying on booze/drugs put a gun to his head at a party, one suicide by a teenager with a cop’s duty gun, and one actual homicide by parties unknown after a bar fight. We blogged about this a while back.

    Bloomburg’s bus people read these names (along with the others) in Concord, NH, where they got called out for, and apologized for, reading Tamerlan Tsarnayev’s (aka Speedbump’s) name. Looks like the same result everywhere.

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