10 Replies to “Dear MDPD: Is that a good idea?”

  1. Gun Buy Backs offend me deeply… not because I am a person committed to the right (and need) to bear arms for defense. Oh no, they offend me as someone equally committed to the English Language. You cannot buy BACK that which you never sold in the first goddamned place.

    But, yeah, someone needs to go stand on the sidewalk in front of the MDPD building with a roll of $100’s: “You can sell me that gun for cash, or give it to them for a gift card.”

  2. Ya think I can git one a them $200.00 gift cards fer my $1,000.00 Kimber Eclipse Custom .45 ?

  3. I want the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) machine gun shown in the picture.

    I’ll pay $201.00 for it (a buck more than the gift certificate).

  4. I think they mean “Don’t walk into the police station with your rifle in your hand…that’s a bad idea. Leave it in the car, come tell us about it, and we’ll come out with you and get it.”

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