Moms Demand Action but not Accuracy or seek it. OK, They lied.

From their Facebook page, the latest joining the Anti Stand Your Ground Crusade (more like a cruise if you ask me):


So my default is that they will lie for no other reason than …well. they are liars. But I did find a bit strange that the old instructions were so sparse and short when nothing related to law, specially inside a court is reduced in length. I asked around and Sebastian from Shall Not Be Questioned provided me with a link to the corrections to the Jury Instructions after SYG was enacted and which it kept the original language (notice the strikeouts on bottom of page 8 and top of page 9). Apparently somebody with MDA “forgot” to copy and paste all the relevant instructions.

In the spirit of help, I corrected their cute ad to reflect that elusive thing called truth.


So even before SYG and with the evidence presented in court, Zimmerman would have to be found Not-Guilty. Of course, silly me. Stand Your Ground was not applicable to Zimmerman as we all know since it was straight up Self Defense.  But don’t let the truth get in the way of a “good” cause.


2 Replies to “Moms Demand Action but not Accuracy or seek it. OK, They lied.”

  1. Even the strictest states in the country, and probably most countries in the world as well would have allowed this. He didn’t shoot Martin in the back at 50 paces.

  2. These people would rather put an illegal gun in Trayvon Martin’s hands than have Zimmerman survive the encounter.

    Because that’s what would have happened had Zimmerman died. Does anyone think Martin would have just let a gun which was suddenly “up for grabs” sit on a crime scene with his own fingerprints potentially all over it?

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