6 Replies to “Gun Motivator of the Day: .45/70”

  1. I’ve never shot one, a .45-70 Gov’t cartridge. However, I sure hope to in the future. Oh, and I don’t pronounce the “Government” word when talking of that cartridge for it has such the negative connotation to me these days.
    Alex – St. Louis

    1. Do not underestimate the recoil, it is definitely a beast. It’s also the most satisfying gun I have for shooting at plastic soda bottles.

      Since I got mine, I usually have a nice bruise on my shoulder for a few days after shooting.

      Mine has a pad on the end. According to someone I know who has fired them with and without pads, get a pad.

  2. @ Alex, I’ve been a 45-70 fan for a good long while, the Gov’t. part never caught on much around us either. They are quite a nice gun, recoil is relevant, if you’re used to shooting small bores, a 45-70 kicks like hell. If you’re used to shooting belted magnums, and 12 gauge turkey guns, Meh, not so much. Either way, they are fun to shoot.

  3. I was once offered a Winchester in 45-70 for hog hunting but declined after shooting it a couple of times. My friend loaded his own to original Govt velocities and bullet weights. (500 gr bullets as I recall) He referred to the loads as being filled with “goat-shit and dynamite”. After shooting it I had to agree…..

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