Moms Demand Action seeking to kill politicians!

ZOMG! I just saw this in their Facebook page!

MDA OutThis is nothing more than a direct call for the assassination of elected officials in this country! The leadership and member of MDA have to be under investigation by Federal Authorities immediately. The local Children and Family services should remove innocent children from those homes and put them under protective custody of the state.

We cannot tolerate insinuations of violent acts against anybody by groups like this. Next thing we’ll hear is a MDA Mom that finally lost whatever little mind had left and attacked some state senator with a gun and a bag full of Chik-fill-A sandwiches.


Why are anti-gunners so violent?

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  1. I hate them as much as anyone….but I don’t see this as a call for murder. The “2014” suggests to me they are talking about voting them out of office.

    1. Right. But the post is merely a little “sauce for the goose…” Remember that any comment that could/can be deliberately misconstrued as “violent” on the part of gun rights supports is trumpeted by the CSGV/VPC et al as “insurrectionist” or “eliminationist”. Just a little poke back using their own methods.

  2. I’m sure it’s not a call for murder, but look at the phrasing they’re using, and then compare their histrionic reactions to things our side has said, taken out of context.

    Examples include (reaction in italics): “I should be able to own whatever property I like.” (You want to own a military tank/nuke/cruise missile!?) – “Children should be educated and taught about firearms.” (You think children should be trained to be tools for right-wing extremist groups?) – “Stand-Your-Ground laws protect victims who act in self-defense from malicious prosecutors.” (You think it’s OK for someone to shoot first, ask questions later, and get off a murder charge by saying they “felt” threatened?)

    I could go on, but let’s not forget how, after Gabby Giffords was shot (by a man with a completely legally-purchased, including a background check, service-model pistol), the media and anti-gun groups were all about blaming Sarah Palin of all people, who had run an ad showing crosshairs over Giffords’ district, thereby “targeting” the district for GOP political activism. The meme was that the use of crosshairs (an obvious gun reference) meant that Palin was calling for Giffords’ assassination. Normal people, of course, called it for what it was: out-of-context and ludicrous on its face, but the meme persisted nonetheless.

    Alinsky’s rules #4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules,” and “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” If we must carefully choose phrases and word our proposals so that they’re not taken out of context and propped up as strawmen, than MDA must be made to do the same. We didn’t write that rule, but by golly we’ll make them live by it. It’s “common-sense”, after all.

  3. I see that they’ve stripped all the negative comments AND they blocked me!! I guess they dont like that I called them vile and disgusting! Oh, and threatening to call the Secret Service probably didn’t go over too well either….

  4. Remember the whole kerfluffle about the “targeting” of Dems on Sarah Pailins site when she was running for VP? Harmless but the left spun out of controll. I think turn-about is fair with this!

  5. Next time I see a women getting sexually assaulted I am gonig to ask if you are against guns if you are I will just walk away and dial 911

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