Evil Floridians contradict “The Narrative” on Stand Your Ground.

But the exact role of Stand Your Ground in the verdict is unclear, and a new poll released last week showed 50 percent of Floridians support keeping the law intact, 31 percent want it changed and only 13 percent want a full repeal.

Though the poll was conducted by a Republican-led firm, Viewpoint Florida, the findings jibe with four other nonpartisan Florida surveys that have shown even greater support for the self-defense law, which gives a person more rights to use deadly force without having to retreat first in a confrontation.

via Gov. Scott on safe ground with Stand Your Ground, polls show – Miami-Dade – MiamiHerald.com.

This is a HUGE slap on the face to the Gun Control groups and the Media (but I repeat myself.) For over a year now, you could not hear the names Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman without Stand Your Ground negatively associated. If those of you out of the state were sick about listening repeatedly, you can imagine the constant bombardment we in Florida suffered at the hands of political pundits, legal “experts,” fake ministers, gun “safety” spoke-idiots and any moron with a microphone and standing in front of a camera. Possibly there was not one week where the case was mentioned and it reached a paroxysm of quasi cult fervor before the trial started.

If even with that constant overdose of propaganda Floridians could not be swayed, you can pretty much remain confident the law is not going anywhere. And once the waters calm down and a sliver of reason finally cuts through the smoke, we will see more states introducing SYG legislation and getting it approved.

The fight never ends…. it just takes a holiday once in a while.

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