The Butthurt Report for 7/29/13

Here we go:

butthurt CSGVFunny thing, in the article they “quote”, there is no mention of a customer being “alarmed” by the marchers. The only ones complaining are Anti Gun activists who showed up to counter the march…apparently both of them.butthurt MDAMoms Demand Victims Action must have hit the ceiling of their collective breakfast nooks when they read the news article.  I mean, having somebody that can actually do something in case an Adam Lanza should show up and deny MDA with the possibility of dancing in the blood of murdered kids? How dare them!

Sometimes I think that the Anti Gun Groups are also being financed by groups other than the Joyce Foundation and Mayor Bloomberg……Just being facetious guys & gals.


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  1. Principals carrying “loaded” handguns in 5 schools?
    What would be the point of carrying unloaded handguns?

    1. The point would be that you can’t shoot anybody.

      If they don’t want PRINCIPALS carrying handguns, though… what must they think of the POLICE? For all the YouTube videos I’ve seen of poorly-behaved police, I’ve never seen one of a school principal assaulting somebody and denying them their 4th amendment rights.

  2. I used to live in SD, Rapid City to be precise. I’m pretty sure the only people surprised by guns in SD were tourists who weren’t from SD.

    In downtown Rapid, there is a beautiful gun shop, down the block from one of the nicest hotels in the city. Once day, I was walking downtown, when I (and several other locals) came across a family having a freak-out. The dad was on the phone calling the cops. The mom was crying, holding her two children face first into her body. We (locals) wanted to be helpful and figure out what had happened.

    As it turns out, they were tourists from NY and they spotted a man walking down the street, carrying a shotgun. Of course, they thought that mayhem was about to happen, and totally lost it. We had to explain, that he had most likely just bought the gun down the block and was walking to his car.

    That actually made it worse. They commenced to call us every sort of knuckle dragging hillbillies, that we allow guns to be sold down town in storefronts. Where children can see them. That anybody can walk into a gun shop, buy something, and leave. At which point the police arrived, and explained that this is South Dakota and it was all perfectly legal.

    They say New Yorkers are tough. I have seen with my own eyes a family of them having a pants-peeing conniption because they saw a man legally buy a gun.

    1. “They say New Yorkers are tough.”

      I have seen so many examples like the one you told that I have to agree their toughness is more a pose than actual interior strength.

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