The one I’ve been waiting for…..

And my dearest folks at the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence did not disappoint me. Fresh off their Facebook page:

CSGV Vargas
Now, we are all adults here and figure we are gonna have an idiot or two that will obtain a CWP and go do crimes. But it is amazing that the only reason that a person with a CWP would commit is the gun and the evil spirits that inhabit its molecular structure and take over the person holding the gun. There cannot be other, normal reason like Steroid Rage.

Bagos said Vargas complained of bad experiences with women, and blamed his hair loss on steroid use.

Nah, who has ever heard of steroids making people crazy? That is just a myth invented by the NRA. The real reason is those evil spirits mentioned before that will darken the soul of even the saintest of people and immediately transforming them into killers.

The Stupid: It can’t be fixed, but maybe we can sedated it just a bit.

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  1. I knew a guy that used steroids, he became SCARY paranoid.

    Should I surrender MY CCW for fear of going off my rocker, flying off the handle, go bat shit crazy, gettin a bug up my butt?

    1. Indeed, which I would assume also invalidates one’s CWP in most US locations.

      Meaning once again, this is not a LAW issue, it’s an ENFORCEMENT issue.

  2. 25 multiple victim shootings in 6 years – that makes it like 4 a year – and almost all of them involve drugs of one sort or another.
    Anybody have an idea of how many car crashes with four or more fatalities occurred in that same time span? I guess it is only the guns that ’cause’ multiple deaths (or something).
    ish – were any of the victims ‘persons of color’? If they weren’t this case was just another non-racial based killing……………..

  3. Let’s compare the number of crimes and murders cops and excops alike have committed over the past 6 years as well – I bet much more than “25.”

    Better yet, compare the number of crimes committed by CHP holders that slipped through the cracks (like The Only Ones) and compare that with the general population or the amount of gun crimes actually committed.

    Looks like a small percentage to me.

    So what’s the problem exactly, antigunners?

    1. “Better yet, compare the number of crimes committed by CHP holders that slipped through the cracks”

      All felonies: Under 1% of the CWP population.
      All Firearms Felonies: Less than half of that under 1%.

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