The Dumb is Strong with Moms Demand Victims.

Moms Demand Victims Action scored a major political…..idiot?

MDA KellyCongresswoman Robin Kelly serves as representative for Illinois’ Second Congressional District. Care to guess what area it covers? among other places, the infamous Chicago’s South Side. Just Monday they had 4 homicides in 9 hours! It does speak volumes about the effectiveness of Gun Control, Chicago style and we need MOAR!

But don’t fear, I am sure that the Moms will allow their kids to open a cute lemonade stand right in the thick of the South Side so more Gun Control is instituted in Chicago and everywhere else in the country.

Dear Moms, can you pick anybody worse to represent you? Next thing you’ll tell us is that you also have the backing of one of the top contenders for congressional wacko: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.
MDA Jackson leeNever mind, I give up.

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  1. Keep in mind, Robin Kelly was the Machine Choice to fill that seat (vacated by Honest Jesse Jackson, Jr., who ran for reelection after he had been absent for six months being “treated,” and resigned less than a month after he won reelection). Bloomberg donated gobs of money to Kelly. No coincidence in any of that. I love living in a democracy!! (Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a Constitutional Republic. That takes more to type out.)

    1. Robin Kelly does not represent the majority of the 2nd district. She was bought by the forces behind her, the same people who have destroyed the integrity of government in Illinois.

      1. Robin Kelly does NOT represent the majority of the 2nd district!
        Robin Kelly represents Bloomberg “Bought and paid for”.
        So that would make her as being CORRUPT as the other political idiots in
        Chicago’s CROOK COUNTY!
        Common sense gun laws that she has NO idea what that may be.

  2. Moms Demand Action is not trying to take anyone’s guns. When people say that the group is anti-gun, that’s a sure sign that they have no clue what they are talking about. What MDA is fighting for is the fixing or replacement of guns laws that are currently ineffective. We have many gun laws in place that have been passed but never funded. We have laws on the books that are counter-acted by other laws. And we have laws so antiquated that they don’t address current gun technology. MDA is also fighting to close the loopholes in background checks. NRA members on the other hand had fought against and had struck down a line item in a recent appropriations bill (the same bill with all the anit-ATF line items) that would have stopped people on the terrorist watch list from purchasing guns and ammo. They fought against and had struck down a free standing republican bill that would have restricted those deemed mentally ill from purchasing guns. NRA members have fought for and won legislation that considers a criminal who has served his time, even for gun felonies, to be “disabled” in terms of his gun rights. The ex-con can reapply for his gun rights and barring any new crime, will most likely get it back. NRA members have fought for and won the restriction of the ATF to require gun dealers to do yearly inventories and report any lost of stolen guns. Last year (2012), the ATF identified over 16,500 lost & stolen guns from dealer inventories thru inspections. And the ATF only checked about 10% of the dealers.

    So when people look at the NRA members and other zealous gun rights activists, they see people who actively fight for the rights for terrorists, criminals and the mentally ill to get guns, They see how aggressively NRA members want people to be able to secretly obtain guns through loopholes and from blackmarkets dealers who sell lost and stolen guns. Noone is asking gun owners to give up their guns. They are asking that people who should not have guns be restricted from getting them. They are asking that we fund, unobstruct or update current gun laws. They ask that we enact common sense laws that secure rights of law-abiding gun owners while restricting those who are not.

    1. If “Moms Demand Action is not trying to take anyone’s guns.” then I’m not sure what you would call it.
      There is no law penalty, or stern warning conceived that can have any effect on violence, whether perpetrated with a gun or a broomstick.
      Perpetrators of violence only respond to a credible threat to their own safety, ask any criminal.
      If a person is a danger to society while armed, that person is a danger to society and should be removed from it.
      We have been “compromising” on firearms restrictions since 1934 and so far the only thing the “control” people have compromised on is…….oh that’s not what compromise means is it?
      If Moms really Demand Action, they should learn, teach their children, the meaning of personal responsibility for ones actions, and how to safely and effectively use firearms.

    2. It never ceases to amaze me how liberals will distort the truth to justify their intellectually limited agenda. Forrest Gump’s mother was correct, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    3. Since you are such an expert in gun laws, can you tell us how great ” gun free zones” are. Can you also explain how criminals obey current gun laws? Maybe you should tell us why we only need a 10 round magazine limit? How would that work out if you had 3 intruders invade your home? Are you also going to tell citizens how we don’t have a right to self defense? Or how your life can be gone in seconds while the police are minutes away? Can you explain why other conceal carry states have a 20% drop in violent crime? When will you ever admit that gun laws only restrict law abiding citizens? Can you give us your definition of an assault rifle and how it operates any different than any other Rifle? Tell us on how all the other gun laws on the books have prevented all the gun deaths in the city? Criminals get the guns illegally and that will NEVER change. More gun laws do not equate to a safer society.

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