Moms Demand Victims: They did not catch the contradiction. UPDATED.

Am I the only one seeing it?
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 Here is part of the news item:

Newell was outside, firing into the meeting room, where about 15 people had gathered.

“I had view of Rockne coming in. I saw Bernie (Kozen) struggling with him. Bernie got the gun and shot him in the leg twice,” Ross Township Supervisor Tina Drake said.

via Gunman kills three at Ross Township meeting |

So, armed nutjob goes on a rampage on unarmed people and gets intercepted by somebody taking initiative…and a gun, shoots the nutjob twice and stops the event.

As usual, the Cultists of the Anti Gun Movements fins that the easy solution is to BAN ALL GUNS (no wait, they don’t want to ban all guns…just some…no, most guns… well the guns that we don’t like which are all) but it took a man with a gun to stop the aggressor. Of course, it would have been better if Mr. Kozen had his own gun to begin with and not having to forcefully borrow the gun from the jackass.

And I do expect that Moms Demand Victims start a campaign to have Bernie Cozen arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. Well he id shoot an unarmed person, didn’t he?  Was the nutjob wearing a hoodie by any chance?

I do want to know if the municipal meeting was held on a Gun Free Zone or (like in Florida) certain types of meeting are in se GFZs. Anybody who has the info will be deeply appreciated.

 UPDATE: The Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence kinda-sorta forgot to mention that an armed citizen stopped the attack.

CSGV Penn UPDATE 2: And the VPC also ignores Mr. Cozen as he screws up The Narrative.

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  1. To answer your question, PA uniform firearms act does not allow local municipalities to regulate firearms carried in meetings unless they are held in a court facility or a school (and even that is nebulous at this time).

  2. And since there were less than 4 dead, this doesn’t meet the definition of “mass killing” although if the gunman had not been stopped it very well may have.

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