This Friday, Aug 9, 2013: Time to get some Coffee!

As you may or may not have heard, an anti gun group, Moms Demand Action, is putting pressure on Starbucks over their corporate policy on guns. Starbucks has a corporate policy of honoring state and local laws regarding the carry of firearms in their stores. This means that if it’s legal to carry a gun in a state, Starbucks corporate policy will respect that right and welcome gun carriers.

Starbucks is not “pro gun”, but rather neutral on the subject. This is really all we can ask as gun owners and carriers of any private business. So, in opposition to the boycott and to show support for a company which respects the Constitution and state laws, gun owners are encouraged to spend money with Starbucks on August 9, 2013 to show your support and offset any boycotts

via Gun Owners: Show Your Support To Starbucks On Aug 9, 2013.

Since here in Florida we still don’t have Open Carry, I plan to sit a table, place my CWP next to the cup of java and take pic. And yes, I will be carrying the one with them awful high-capacity assault magazine clips. That should be enough to make Moms Demand Victims mess they eye makeup.

Post your picture here in comments or over the Facebook page or if you have a Twitter account, remember to add @MomsDemand to the tweet!

Make them cry lemonade!
Hat tip to @BigFatDave

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  1. I dislike coffee and am not even sure where the closest SB’s is… I know of one in a Randall’s grocery store, but thats not good.. I need a full fledged store… i will find one..

    Now to choose which ‘devil’ gun to carry… 🙂 Maybe the new XD-S in .45ACP with ‘exploding’ rounds… that just cracks me up..

  2. Stopped in on the way to work (had to go in, the drive-thru was wrapped around the building), picked up a frapp (iced coffee…its hot in Texas even at 7:30am), grabbed a pic of my CHL next to the cup. Did some minor editing to get rid of personal data, and posted it on book for faces. Didn’t seem to me like their business was hurting. At all.

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