Gun Control Medium can be found in Newtown, Ct.

From the Facebook page of Steve Marmel (apparently somebody important in Hollywood or his own mind) we got this pic:
marmel1No biggie. When you had Gun Control Cultists openly advocating to send you to “re-education” camps, AssholeFest 13 barely breaks a yawn. However, a follower of this particular page came up with this beauty as reply/support for the post:

marmel2Here is the dry rub: Victoria Soto was killed in the Newtown Elementary massacre. So unless this Mea Twosocks has the magical ability to communicate with the dead, we are being treated to the usual gun control load of bovine intestinal displacement.

If their cause is so righteous,why lie?

Hat tip to Josh F.

6 Replies to “Gun Control Medium can be found in Newtown, Ct.”

  1. Well, as a card-carrying, indeed lifer, a**hole, I’ll have to take the wife to Starbucks tonight for a latte and carrot cake snack.

  2. Wow…somehow, using the dead teacher’s name as the “source” of the post is even more despicable than MAIG listing the Boston Bomber brother in their “gun victims” list. I would ask if these people know any shame, but we all know the answer to that.

    I visited my Starbucks this morning. I was carrying. Not brandishing. These folks have been watching too much TV.

  3. Took a look at mea’s FB page to see what kind of mentality would post for dead people, looks like she deleted what is forever on the Internet. The new name is mea two shoes both placed in her mouth.

  4. What if, gasp, one of those teachers or administrators had been armed and shot the SOB?

    BTW, never use their names to reduce these heinous crimes in the future. No fame for these misfits. Screw the MSM!

    What would the police do upon arrival to end a killing spree? Shoot the SOB. Du-oh. Teachers need to be able to protect their charges. How can they not see this?

    These gun grabbers need to focus on the evil people, and not the object; the very same one that will be used to end these crimes.

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