It is a Question of Numbers.

This is a well-financed, well orchestrated, supported by media Gun Control gathering:
521749d83c75f.imageThis is a bunch of folks that just like to be left alone with their guns:
1175523_685586338135601_885191988_nI heard about Sheriff Kessler but do not know the details. I know he is not being supported by a billionaire and he manages to get more people than the Yankee Vulture Bus Tour.

We have the numbers. They still don’t get it. Let them remain stupid that way.

3 Replies to “It is a Question of Numbers.”

  1. Any time people start to say “Well there’s no way you could take on the whole US government, they’ve got cruise missiles and stuff.” I like to point out.

    To quell a rebellion requires 5-10 soldiers per rebel.

    WE outnumber THEM more than 2:1.

    so unless the government is happy killing at least 2 loyalists per gun owner by indiscriminately firebombing entire districts(which I wouldn’t put past them, given the friendly fire drones have caused), we have the advantage.

  2. They also ignore the problem with having your ENTIRE logistics chain (including maintenance and spares production) located in and among the guerilla population. NOT a problem faced in Third World nations, equipped by outside powers.

    “Shit don’t fly, without Supply.”

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