So how did the Moms Demand Action “Skip Starbucks Day” go?

Moms Demand Victims Action were beating all last week the Skip Starbucks day. They even got an article in the most seen paper in the US on Wednesday :

starbuck stock Moms3Thursday, Mom were just sqeeing with delight, sure that they would hurt them evil caffeine pushers from Seattle:

starbuck stock Moms2And what was the result? Here is the Starbucks’ stock price for the last 5 trading days:

starbuck stock MomsI bet you noticed the uptick right smack on the 22nd, right?

It never fails, every time a Gun Control Group tries to hit Starbucks, the darn stock goes up. Seriously, if they want to hit them in the pocket, they should just shut up….or leave the dirty diapers on the counters across the nation.

6 Replies to “So how did the Moms Demand Action “Skip Starbucks Day” go?”

  1. My wife (Ms. Neutral) went out of her way to tell me on Friday that she’d be stopping by our local Starbucks because of this. Surprised me, but in a good way 🙂

  2. We might be on to something, next time they boycott a company I am going to buy stock, then sell it the next day, I can take 3-5% ROI in one day or two.. Whens the next boycott?

  3. A bit sad. These “Moms” had to go to a different coffee shop, where the armed patrons did NOT have to go through a strict background check to get their Concealed Carry License (the way most people carry). They deliberately put themselves in personal danger.
    As a retired police officer, I’d have to say a good mother would not purposefully put their children in such danger just to demonstrate against our U.S. Constitution.

  4. Perhaps Starbucks should consider coming down definitively on the “pro-gun” side.

    It can’t do anything but good for their profits, apparently.

  5. I spent more money than usual at Starbucks this weekend. I hope that the big-wigs at Starbucks recognise that it is the anti-gun people attacking them, and it’s the pro-gun people supporting them and inflating their profits. If Starbucks caves under the pressure, I’ll never buy another cup from them again.

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