CSGV: Getting Good Quality Information.

Apparently the latest fashion on transmitting information to the users is the infographic which is nothing more than a cute, baby food way of delivering certain bits of info with the help of catchy graphics. Of course, GIGO applies
CSGV infographic 1
The infographic goes and “tell us all about the bad and racist thing that Stand Your Ground Laws are. As usual is filled with the misinformation we have been getting from the usual suspects and that  the Cult Coalition to Stoop Gun Rights Violence is more than happy and willing to spread.

I decided to check what else was in this particular site (topcriminaljusticedegrees.org) and the first thing I find is another infographic accusing the US Military, our fighting men and women, of War Crimes.

CSGV infographic 2Quote: “Very few countries have violated as many humanitarian laws and codes of war on such a large scale, and for such an extended period. The vast political leverage of the United States, the rising indifference of media coverage, and the alleged need of secrecy for matters of national security have largely enabled one of the bloodiest 50 years in human history.

Also, both infographics make clear that it is the owner or owners of this particular website are responsible for the infographics.

CSGV infographic 3CSGV infographic 4So CSGV obtains some of its material from a source who is openly accusing the US of being just like the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Cuba, Communist China, etc.

And who knows? probably they believe it themselves.



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  1. The “bloodiest 50 in human history,” they say… Lemme think, July 1914 through 1964 would include World War I, the Spanish Civil War (Guernica), World War Ii, the second Sino-Japanese War, the rise of the Soviet empire, the collapse of the British, French, Italian, and Spanish empires, the Korean War, the Vietnam War… that’s just the highlights.

    July 1776 through 1826 would have the American and French Revolutions, the Napoleonic Wars…

    The mid 14 to mid 15th Century was dominated by a little thing called The Hundred Years war… plus plenty good old fashioned late medival violence, inquisitions, witch burnings, and all sorts of hijinks over in Asia and the Muslim world.

    I don’t need a BA in History to say this guy has some BS in the field.

  2. So… assuming all the data on the infographics is true, I’m still missing the part where it’s supposed to display negative trends. For me, the infographic basically looked like it was saying “The sky is blue, because different light wavelengths reflect and refract differently on incidence with the molecular contents of the atmosphere. AND THAT IS BAD!”

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