Irony: Gun Control Cults Jump the Gun on George Zimmerman… AGAIN!

ZOMG! George Zimmerman was arrested! He threatened the wife and father in law with a GUN! Somebody please help us from this NRA MANIAC!

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But STOP THE PRESSES! Apparently Zimmerman’s wife lied or at least “embellished” the call to 911:

LAKE MARY, Fla – Lake Mary Police are now questioning the validity of several statements Shellie Zimmerman made when she told 911 dispatchers her estranged husband, George Zimmerman, threatened her and her father at gunpoint Monday afternoon.

“We did not find a gun, did not locate a weapon,” said Zach Hudson, public information officer with the Lake Mary Police Department. “Nobody ever saw a gun. A gun is not part of this story.”

via Lake Mary Police are now calling into question several statements Shellie Zimmerman made to 911.

Divorces are a nasty thing, specially after what both went through. I will reserve my opinion of what the wife did and just… screw it… she tried to have George Zimmerman SWATed and that is not a good thing, no matter how pissed you are at your mate.

As for the Gun Control Activists: I don’t expect retractions or apologies from any of them….but it is funny that groups that hate guns so much had no trouble jumping one.


20 Replies to “Irony: Gun Control Cults Jump the Gun on George Zimmerman… AGAIN!”

  1. Divorce is one of the main reasons I don’t foresee ever getting married.

    I’ve seen one too many messy ones where the woman decides she doesn’t just want to get away from her husband, she wants to steal everything he owns and ruin his life, as well. And I’ve seen the shockwaves from that extend beyond the immediate families and friendships involved.

    Given my experiences with women, I suspect Mr. Zimmerman’s ex-wife wanted to capitalize on his recent publicity and called in a completely bogus claim. I bet it was all a set-up on her part.

  2. This was expected. He’s gonna reap in the money and now she’s asking for some plus a nice bonus.

    Another reason I am not marrying until I find someone that won’t stab me in the back.

    Which…in my case, well it’s hard to find.

    Seems like I’ll be forever alone.

  3. I called Rick the Dick the ‘drive-by blogger’ precisely because of these tactics. The underlying facts means squat to these people; it’s all about painting us with a broad brush in such a way as to make us look as bad as possible, the truth be damned. And the issue at hand is irrelevant. Today it’s guns, tomorrow it’s another progressive quest…

  4. So, given the anti-gun groups history jumping the proverbial gun and painting ALL gun owners in a bad light, if they utterly (and predictably) FAIL to issue retractions when new information comes out, can they be held liable for libel and/or slander?

    And if they can, WILL they?

    1. He’s a public figure now. His lawsuit against NBC is largely a good one because of the fact that they maliciously edited the tapes. In this case, they are merely repeating lies they heard about a public figure.

  5. We best not be doing cartwheels just yet. Zimmerman’s attorney told CNN that Zimmerman was armed…

    O’MARA: He acted appropriately. He never took the weapon out. The only thing he really did, which is what he told the police, was on the outside of his shirt, he made sure the gun wasn’t moving anywhere and didn’t do anything because [Zimmerman’s father-in-law] Mr. Dean was sort of coming at him, that can sort of be seen in the video.

    COOPER: So he had the gun actually on his person not like, in the glove box of his car?

    O’MARA: That’s correct

    I think radical extremists on both sides are embarrassing themselves in desperate attempts to score political points.

    1. Oh, the other guy was potentially ASSAULTING him!? That’s legitimate self-defense right there!

      The anti-gun psychos are just going to throw children and elderly at this man until they can make something stick, aren’t they?

  6. GZ soon to be ex…has been drinking the ABC kool ade..interviewed prior to this latest event….she wants to be a star, and may have been persuaded to really mess GZ up so that the ABC’s of the world can gloat that they were right about GZ….fuck them all…and I am being nice….imho

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