Gun Control’s Learning Disability.

Another indirect Hat Tip to the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence:

CSGV SalonAn article by David Sirota published in Salon shows how destructive The Narrative can be. The Narrative precludes from logical thinking, from analytical observation and the proper decision-making process. Mr. Sirota not only failed to understand what happened in Colorado, but he demands that the strategies that failed before must be repeated and strategies that were discarded decades ago be brought back.

That article, and many others like it, came after the gun lobby mounted successful recall campaigns against two state legislators who, in the wake of mass shootings, voted for universal background checks, limits on the capacity of bullet magazines and restrictions on domestic abusers owning firearms.

The “gun lobby” that mounted the recall were a trio of regular people who were fed up and incensed when the elected people refused even to hear, much less discuss, their complaints about the laws that they shoved through the legislature. In his mind, Sirota cannot accept that some Regular Joes took on the establishment with such force and shook what was supposed to be an impregnable stance. He cannot process that a measly $540,000 beat $3 million and the best Dem strategists out there.

He claims that The Joes (Gun Lobby) won through demagoguery (which insinuates that the voters themselves were too stupid to notice) but failed to even notice how it was demagoguery and political hubris that brought the recall on the heads of Giron and Morse. They failed to understand that they were not elected to be royalty and govern people but to listen and serve them.

One thing Sirota got right, but again he fails to understand because of The Narrative

Inevitably, the gun lobby will now claim the Colorado elections prove that politicians should back off even minimal gun regulations. But the elections say the opposite — they say that if the gun lobby is going to continue turning a policy debate into a cultural one, then an equally powerful cultural argument needs to be made in response.

Culture, or in our case Gun Culture. The Narrative establishes that Gun Culture is nothing more than Confederate Flag-waving, Trailer Park-dwelling, beer-chugging white ignorant folks rendering some sort of idolatry status to dangerous pieces of metal. There is nothing funnier than watching some smug jackass trying to pass himself as a superior being at a social gathering just because he finds gun people. They usually start with some stupid comment like the old compensating for the size of your genitalia” and pretty much have to shut up after that when the gunnies take over and launch themselves into arcane discussions ranging from the Federalist papers to metallurgy, engineering, laws, ballistics and the exact number of patents that JMB had under his name and what they covered. Bonus points for the history of ancient semi auto pistols including all the Colt 03 variants & copies (I think Tam has the trophy on this one.)

The Narrative is an intellectual anchor that will keep them foundered and repeating the same mistakes. I do not mind sharing information and dispelling propaganda, but I do so to people who will either come to us or will move to the neutral zone and not become a danger coming voting times.

As for the truly committed (or in great need of being committed) the best thing to do is keep challenging them, make them furious till they open their mouth and empty their hate & lies on us. That stuff is ammunition for our cause and I’ll take all I can have.

So Dear God: Please keep them stupid.Amen.

10 Replies to “Gun Control’s Learning Disability.”

  1. I’m not entirely sure how “Getting completely obliterated” is proof that you can’t be afraid of your opponent… but HEY! By all means, keep feeding the figureheads of oppression into our freedom-friendly meat grinder!

    If a recall vote comes up on Hickenlooper, I’m going to vote it so hard his mama’s gonna feel it.

    1. Yes, but the recall effort both in Colorado Springs and Pueblo were started by people that were NRA members but without the input of the NRA HQ. That came later after the ball was already rolling.

    2. Tom,

      Several comments:

      1) Morse/Giron and their supporters received ~ 6x the money the recall forces did.
      2) The NRA was drug into this kicking and screaming.
      3) This wasn’t about gun control. This was about the arrogance of politicians who did not let their constituents be heard as this was rammed through the legislature. Gun control was the catalyst that showcased the arrogance of Morse & Giron.
      4) If you gun control measures are so popular, why must they be rammed through either using “emergency” legislation measure (a la NY & CT) or blatantly ignoring the will of the people (as was done here).

  2. at this point, why discourage them. Look, none other than Bill Clinton warned them not to minimize the gun culture. They revived the early 90s tactics that lead to a landslide loss. They were warned repeatedly by many people, and many in the anti-gun lobby genuinely believe that there are only 5 million gun owners, none are democrats, and they are all white and in the south. They are going to deceive themselves that Giron (where Dems turned out against her) was driven by low turnout, voter suppression, whatever. They really believe that Bloomberg and Reid pouring money into these elections is a good idea, because Bloomberg thinks he’s the greatest thing since a 16 oz soda. At this point I say, give them all the rope they need, they will hang themselves.

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