Because they royally ticked me off.

The National Gun Victims Action Council – “A Force for Sane Gun Laws” had me lose it just a bit yesterday. Only after they posted a couple or three post about the Navy Yard Shooter and more like an afterthought, they finally posted (around 5pm) prayers for the victims and families of the senseless killing.
Maybe it was I was all day reading equally stupid crap from the usual suspects and even from Hollywood Used-To-Be’s, but when I saw this “Oh shit, we must look like we care and post something related and nice”, I had to let them/him have it.

Navy Yard NGVAC1I almost feel bad…… almost.

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  1. There’s not one thing to feel bad about. What you said is the absolute truth. These idiots don’t give a damn about “the kids”, the dead, the families or anything elde but their agenda. Kudos on letting them have it!

  2. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families…”

    Transcript of those prayers:

    “Great Allah, thank-you for this glorious attack on the American infidels, grant us more victims, and may your wrath land upon the families of those heretics slain today.”

    NGVAC loves their victims. They can never have enough victims.

  3. Dude please, when you go onto another site and comment, make sure of your grammar and spelling. Nothing makes you look worse, like an ignorant knuckle-dragger. They WILL use it against you.

  4. Yesterday while feeding info to my son in law in the Navy on a ship in the Middle East, on facebook we made fun of the reporter that did not know her guns. So a David Pell jumps in that all we care about in our f-n guns. Bitch slap comes as fast as I could type that jokes are tension relief while we are waiting to find out if our friends at the yard were shot or not. I asked for a “I am sorry” or he could have said hope your friends are ok. Not a word I asked again, but he had left the room.

      1. Lord Chilld: “Please don’t break my butt.”
        Bardock: “OK.”
        Chilld: “Truly?”
        Bardock: “…no.” *epic beat-down*
        -TeamFourStar’s Episode of Bardock Abridged

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