15 Replies to “Gun Motivator of the Day: Dremel, Solder & Brownells”

    1. Some might call it a HK51K-B. It is basically a HK91 rifle converted into a HK21 belt-fed machinegun and then chopped down to the size of a MP5K. Individual 02 SOT have already offered HK51, HK51K, and HK51B conversions. Combining the lot was only a matter of time.

              1. A semiauto FAL will throw that far if the grip has the cutout, not that that says anything about a HK91. You can’t really tell just by looking at the outside of it. However: I doubt anyone would be insane enough to WECSOG a registered auto rifle in that manner… What would a registered FA HK91 go for? $8-$10k?

                Regardless of SA vs. FA: a .308 with a three-inch barrel? Why?? (well, I get the cool factor, but practically speaking?)

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