Why I don’t hunt… (wee bit gory)

Mostly because I can’t carry a short-barreled recoilless rifle for very long.

grizzlyDid you see the size of those claws? No way in hell I am going into a location where an animal that has metal cutters as standard option, roams free and unhindered.

And I don’t know if the bear craps in the wood, but I most certainly will if I come across that scene.

I’ll hunt my meat at WallyWorld.

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  1. When you mentioned Wallyworld, my first thought was the following joke…

    Shot my first turkey yesterday. Scared the heck out of everone in the frozen food section.

      1. I haven’t ate bear. Sweet wife has and she tells me it is rather greasy. Plus tough and gamy. I’ll stick to venison and small critters like rabbit and squirrel.

        1. To be fair, you don’t really hunt bear for the muscle meat. You take the heart and liver, but most importantly, enough fat to get you all the way through the winter and well into spring.

          Ending up with the coolest hoodie in da hood is a nice bonus as well.

    1. .45-.70 Government with a Hornady 300 gr HP bullet and an oversized powder charge.

      My uncle loaded some. He thought they kicked a little too hard, but they make soda bottles explode real good.

  2. In the north country there is a term for where the bears roam free and unhindered: Anywhere they want.

    In these parts they’re black bears and rarely go more than 500 lbs, so not so much of a problem, unless they happen to roam free and unhindered into the city during the night and neglect to roam out again by morning.

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