Gotta love Astroturf.

Lets face it: If there is one place in the Commonwealth of Virginia where these “Gun Safety Advocates” could not be any safer from violence, this is the one. Have you noticed that they never protest in places where “Gun Violence” happens?
peggy foxEventually they will wise up and organize a quick demonstration somewhere peripheral to a high crime neighborhood….but only if protection by armed security or police is present and in force (and well outside the cameras) to show the world they are “butching” up.

In the meantime, the true causes of violence will go unmolested and people will continue to fall at the hands of criminals because we have idiots that go for the flash and not after the hard substance of taking the predators out of our streets.

But what can you expect from bored housewives? Have you sen the ratings of OWN? There is nothing good on TV and Book Clubs are so 20th Century.

3 Replies to “Gotta love Astroturf.”

  1. I was THERE! I saw the protestors. I have no idea when that picture was taken, but when I went by the NRA headquarters – mid-morning – there were *maybe* 15 – 20 people tops. Don’t know if they paid people to stand there for the photo, but there was NOWHERE near that many people when I was there.

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