Cabot: The 1911 for South Paws

Cabot Guns is a niche manufacturer of firearms, lefties are a niche group of shooters – the pairing of the two individualities could not be more fortuitous. Your entire life, you’ve settled for the “right” way of doing things. At Cabot Guns, we settle for nothing. Let us introduce you to the “left” way of doing things, let us introduce you to the South Paw – a dedicated left-handed 1911 pistol

via Cabot Gun | The South Paw 1911.

cabot 1911Now for the important part: $5,750 plus tax, down payment of $2,000.  Expect delivery in 12 to 18 months.

And you thought your STI Custom Shop Racing 1911 was expensive.

Hat tip to Sal F.

5 Replies to “Cabot: The 1911 for South Paws”

  1. I had a chance to handle and look at some of the display 1911s they make at the NRA show. They are REALLY well made.

    Nothing I’m interested in, I prefer mid-range workhorse 1911s over BBQ guns….still they had a model that was a high-polish blue that was shined to some obscene micron finish that it looked like bright stainless or mirror hard-chrome. It just reflected so much light it was hard to tell it was in fact almost black in color!

    More than I’d spend on a pistol…or rifle. Still the way they make them, the cost is actually VERY reasonable.

  2. I have to shoot lefty due to being cross-eye dominant, and I’ll be the first to say that, regarding handguns, I haven’t had any problems shooting right-hand-left-eye. Handguns, arms, shoulders, grips can be shifted just a fraction to bring the sights in line with either eye, so the only advantage I can see would be to just put all of your slide release, mag eject, safety, etc on the left side instead of the right. Or make them ambidextrous. If they want to impress me with a southpaw line, make RIFLES. Ejecting brass really comes into play with rifles. A toasty 7.62 case will find that tender spot inside your off-hand elbow every frikkin time…

  3. Stag arms makes a lefty AR. I have thought about buying one for my son (the Marine). His biggest complaint was the neat places hot brass can find. The lefty 1911 would be cool in a open carry double rig.

  4. Makes me so glad I trained to be an ambidextrous shooter at a young age. My granddad gave me his old Stevens .22 and that thing was really bad about throwing small bits of hot crap in my face so I had no other choice but to shoot it with my off hand and eye. On the plus side whenever I go to a public range I can use the lefty benches without a problem.

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