And I cried…. I swear I cried.

I saw this on Freedom Is Just Another Word…. Please somebody check MaddMedic and see if he is alright. I know I am in pain. I actually went in Facebook, located the group and made my one screen cap.

how many rapeThere are few moments in our lives where we can see stupidity brought to a fusion point with enough energy to transmute lead into manure….this is one of those moments.


7 Replies to “And I cried…. I swear I cried.”

  1. Clearly the “shooting them” part was added after the fact(I’ve done this before) and what they actually wanted to say was that pointing a gun at a rapist might scare them away, but won’t magically cure them of being a rapist.

    Which is true.

    Which is why sometimes you have to pull the trigger. Because dead criminals benefit society in many ways that live ones don’t.

  2. To directly answer their title, “How Many More Must Die?” I would say ALL of the rapists being killed by would-be victims is just fine by me. They made their choice to be an evil rapist, so if they die due their violent actions, justice will be served.

    Now watch in as liberal heads explode at the speed of light.

  3. All you CCWers thought you were so smart, shooting at all the rapists.

    It’s thanks to you that we now have an unprecedented number of GHOST RAPES.

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