No, she did not.


mda victoria

She says Glover did everything right–filed for divorce and even pressed assault charges against Bowman.

Ruth says the Glover case will cause lawmakers to take note, and one way to cut down domestic violence may be to track the stalker with a GPS.

via Murder-Suicide Involving Parkville Woman Rekindles Domestic Violence Debate « CBS Baltimore.

The problem is, she did not do all she could. Probably because being in Maryland, she is not allowed to have all the tools to face and possibly survive a deadly attack from an abusive mate.

One would think I am amazed that the women behind Moms Demand Action would really care and understand the evil dynamics of espousal abuse, but when you have the same group fighting tooth and nail to undermine or dissolve the Stand Your Ground laws and keep pushing for women to remain unarmed in the face of deadly violence, there is no amazement, only resignation.

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