Just when you thought the NRA had some sense…


Jay Grazio has been named Associate Editor of Shooting Illustrated, the NRA’s monthly newsstand magazine that focuses on self-defense and tactical firearms. Grazio was a contributor to ShootingIllustrated.com as well as founder of the popular gun blog “MA-rooned” before joining the Shooting Illustrated staff. Growing up in a law enforcement family, he was introduced to firearms at a young age and likes anything that goes boom-from blackpowder muskets to polymer pistols and fully complemented AR-15 rifles.

via Shooting Wire.

Yes Jay, we are deeply jealous. Congratulations on your new job and extra kudos for not being behind enemy lines anymore.

PS: We hate you more for what you are holding in the photo… m’kay? 🙂

6 Replies to “Just when you thought the NRA had some sense…”

    1. That, and because the pike remains a weapon worthy of considerable respect, from either end of it.

      Sometimes you run out of shells before you run out of zombies.

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