Moms Demand Action equal Cops with Cancer. (UPDATE)

MDA cops cancerI was gonna say that the unpaid intern did not know better and picked a random photo off the internet, but Shannon Watts being a professional PR expert and after the “10 shots a minute” bit I am not so sure if it was a mistake or are they playing with a full card in that particular casino. Freudian slip?



On Face the Nation Sunday morning, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) argued that the gun used in Thursday’s LAX shooting was a military-grade weapon that was not designed for civilian use, but that gun groups would prevent a bill restricting it from ever passing Congress.

The weapon was a .223 MP-15, where the MP stands for military and police,” Feinstein said. “Clearly designed not for general consumption, but through practice now for general consumption—same gun that was used at Aurora.”
via Sen. Feinstein on LAX Shooting: Gun Groups Have ‘Hammerlock’ on Congress | Mediaite.

Hmmm… Am I starting to detect a pattern here? Liberals have never liked cops or the military…although Di Fi has no problem making money out of them via her husband’s company. Smith and Wesson has been using the Military and Police term applied to their firearms since 1899 and specifically with the Model 10 revolver. But we cannot allow facts get in the way of a good propaganda effort.

Hat Tip to Tam and her readers for the update.

2 Replies to “Moms Demand Action equal Cops with Cancer. (UPDATE)”

  1. Cops *with* cancer, or Cops *as* cancer (in their currently evolved/evolving militarized form).

    I think you may be onto somethign with the ‘freudian slip’.

  2. You beat me to it. The man with the AR-pattern rifle in the picture is clearly a cop. Tactical vest, tactical gloves, helmet. Definitely not a lowly peon civilian.

    (BTW, what’s that lettering along the bottom of that picture? Is Black Rain Ordnance aware they’re using their images to ban their products, or are they using the image without permission? The latter would be par for the course.)

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