8 Replies to “The Death of America’s Ideals in Stamp Form.”

  1. I have 3 books of 20 first-class forever Stamps and none of the stamps have the “Forever” crossed out . Bought a bunch of stamps this summer. The “bars” crossing out the “Forever” my have been put there is keep people from down loading the pictures and using as postage????…….. 🙁

  2. That’s a ‘forever’ stamp. Forever stamps are always equal to the current price of stamps, regardless of what you paid for the stamp. All of the images that the USPS has for the forever stamps has the word ‘forever’ crossed out. It might be a security measure.

  3. I second the “VOID” suggestion, not only because it would be more obvious, but also because it would be harder to Photoshop the VOID off. I could replace that crossed-out “Forever” text in about 3 minutes…

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