The Michael Bane Blog: Metcalf’s Lame Response. (updated)

This is not, as Bitter so lucidly notes, a “free speech” issue. Let me go a step farther than that…as I noted in my earlier post, we have been having a “dialog” about the role of firearms in American society at least as long as I’ve been alive. IMHO, the “dialog” ended when the war began.

Let me say this again…we are at war with a segment of society whose sole goal is total civilian disarmament. We are not in a dialog. We are not in a debate. We are not in a healthy give-and-take in the Cornell University academic lounge. The primary weapon used by our blood enemies is the Big Lie.

via The Michael Bane Blog: Metcalf’s Lame Response.

In other words, quit while you are behind. You are giving the opposition more ammo against those you call your own.

CSGV just posted this:

metcalf csgvAt least Dick has somebody that backs him up…. even if he wants to send him to a re-education camp.

Update: Moms Demand Action also come to the defense of Metcalf”
metcalf mda

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  1. I live in Connecticut and one of the Senators from my state Chris Murphy was quoted on the Rachel Maddow show back in May of questioning the 2nd Amendments intent in allowing citizens to own firearms. That in itself tell me these people are not interested in a debate they want the 2nd amendment stricken from the bill of rights.

  2. One of the gun rags, might be Shotgun news but I could be mistaken on that, did an editorial on the metcalf situation and invoked Ronald Regan who said somethign like, ‘What do you call a person who agrees with you 80% of the time? An ALLY, not a 20% traitor!”
    Suggesting of course that Mr. Metcalf shoudl not have been so soundly shunned by the firearm community.

    I thought about that for awhile and I find myself thinking:

    That Regan quote may be true in and of itself, and might have applied to the gun freedom/control debate in the beginning (like in the 1960’s). but getting in bed with the 20% traitors is what got us to he point of ‘no more compromise’ we are currently facing. We have reached the limit of tolenrance to encroachment on our freedoms, in this and other topics, and now view any further disagreement RIGHTFULLY as treason to the cause.

    My thoughts anyway.


    P.s. edited: the source was an article and interview featuring Sen. Cornyn from Texas. But the point is the same.

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