Gun Control Activists Lied? I’m shocked, shocked!

So an Open Carry Group has the amazing idea to counter demonstrate a Moms Demand Action gathering (all of 4 Moms which that tells you plenty) pose for pics, have a nasty looking side picture taken and suddenly everybody is amazed that the Opposition will totally lie and misrepresent the event.

bullies1open carry Tx Moms side viewI understand the urge to show them they are not in charge but, can we do it in a more intelligent fashion? I know you can also pee to mark your territory, but there are better ways that do not violate local health codes.

You want the same shocking value without ending up like props for their propaganda? Have everybody wear one of this:

I like caps better than t-shirts: higher from the ground means higher visibility and if you take a group picture, the lettering will be visible unless you hide your face behind somebody. This one in particular stand a long way and are easy to read.

And yes, you don’t have to lug the damned rifles everywhere, worry that they are secured, etc.

And yes, it is your gorramed right, but choose your weapons carefully. PR ricochets are stupid: Be smart.

Via Florida Gun Forum by way of Bearing Arms.

4 Replies to “Gun Control Activists Lied? I’m shocked, shocked!”

  1. “PR ricochets” is an apt description. Gun rights supporters need to always be aware of Rule 4, Know your PR target and what is beyond it.

  2. Shannon Watts exhibits classic signs of Projection, Reaction formation, denial and intense rage and desire for revenge. She is exactly the kind of person who should be kept away from guns, and may be a threat to others, including her children.

    Pandering to her because of her success in her drive for more anti-gun propaganda is rewarding mental illness. We should go after the so-called news organizations she fooled with this deceptive photo op, and have them apologize for being biased enough to use her as their only source for the story.

    Shannon needs to be put under 90 days of court-ordered psychiatric observation. Her behavior goes beyond reasonable lies to win some debate point. She is clearly a danger to the public, but is getting a pass because she is photogenic, politically connected and doing the DNC talking points party line for Obama.

    Stop her before she gets someone killed with her radical propaganda. It’s like yelling FIRE in a crowded theater.

    1. If past behavior is any indication, we shall see a Mom somewhere shooting somebody. It happened with the Million Mom March.
      and as for irrational behavior….

      She was the “Queen of Nice” according to the PR of the show. That interview backfired so bad, her show tanked shortly after. They dubbed her “The Queen of Mean.”

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