Demotivator: Spetznaz…Mission Accomplished.

I saw this posted on Facebook yesterday. I think it was Mike V’s feed

Spetsnaz-Mission-AccomplishedI remember reading that in a hostage situation, the Russians considers that hostages are pretty much dead so any action they take, if it results in hostages rescued, is a plus.

Remind me never to be a hostage over there.

One Reply to “Demotivator: Spetznaz…Mission Accomplished.”

  1. That casual lack of respect for human life has always been a Russian trademark.

    During Operation Barbarossa (Nazi invasion of USSR), the Soviets lost 12 Million conscripts to kill 900,000 German soldiers. And the Soviets called that a Victory.

    The most heavily armored section of a US tank is the crew compartment. If it, the engine and magazine may be destroyed, but at least there is a chance the crew will survive to be rescued. Soviet tanks put all the armor around the engine and magazine. If the tank is hit, they can always conscript more soldiers, they want to make sure the tank is still useable once the old crew has been hosed of it.

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