I believe in the power of prayer, but……

MDA pastor prayerYouth pastor Daniel Diaz, 33, was driving home from a church party with friends when he was shot and killed by an unidentified assailant in Pomona, Calif.

The shooting occurred just hours after a peace and prayer rally was held by community leaders against gun violence.

via Daniel Diaz, Youth Pastor, Shot Dead Hours After Prayer Rally Against Gun Violence In Pomona, Calif..

Sad when the biped animals do not respect a Man of God. I do believe in the power of prayer, but sometimes is more a question of Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition.

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  1. It’s a damned shame he came across the subhuman that would do such a thing, but just as bad that the MDA should dance in his blood. Can’t they even respect a person enough to back off during the terrible grief this is causing their family?

  2. No, they are scum and must strike while the iron is hot. Cooler heads dismiss their silly suggestions which have no efficacy and trample on liberty.

  3. I’m with Pastor Bill. I’m a Humanist and I’ve got nothing against Religion, but all the prayer in the world couldn’t have given this dude more of a chance at survival than simply being prepared to even the odds.

    All the prayer and the candle-light vigils, they do absolutely nothing to change the behavior of the sociopaths who walk among us. Nor do these demonstrations lessen their desire to obtain weapons for their own, horrific, aims. Even if you believe in the power of God, there’s got to be a point where it comes down to effective action.

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