Seriously, the contradiction does not register in their brains.

NGVAC campus shootings

It happened at least seven times this month–gun scares on US college campuses. Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, was locked down for hours on Friday while Muncie police and Indiana State Police troopers searched four buildings on the 700-acre, 100-building campus. Junior Krystal Palmer, an art education major from Ohio, told the Associated Press she had been locked in a classroom during the gun emergency. On the same day, the library at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts was evacuated when a man entered with the butt of an apparent gun sticking out of his backpack.

via 7 Campuses Have Gun Scares This Month–Parents Do You Want Guns Allowed on Your Child’s College Campus? « Gun Victims Action Council.

I did a quick check.
Ball State University: No weapons allowed.
Northern Illinois University: “Students may not have or keep any firearm on their persons, in their quarters, or in their motor vehicles at any time while on university property except with the permission of the chief security officer of the university.”
Central Connecticut State University: “We follow the State’s Zero Tolerance Policy for workplace violence and weapons on State property.”
Indiana University: No weapons allowed.
Wingate University: Unable to find ANY info on student or employee behavior.
A&T State University: No weapons allowed.

So the geniuses of the National Gun Victims Action Council ridicule the idea of students having to defend themselves:

“Currently, gun lovers are beating their chests about two Gonzaga University students who allegedly staved off a homeless man at their off-campus Spokane apartment by displaying their illegally kept firearm.” (note: the homeless man was a six time convicted felon)

But apparently people with guns and bad intentions are coming in freely those the campuses even when a strict policy is in place.

Their reasoning? Parents won’t spend money on campuses where the kids can have firearms to defend themselves. Because, you know, parents do not care if their kids are safe, just how much it costs to pay for college.



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  1. It was last year, but my alma mater, University of Rhode Island, was locked down for a gun scare. Not only are the students and faculty not allowed to have guns, but even the campus police are not allowed.

  2. It’s all a ploy to pull on heartstrings. There’s always a party they need to be the “victim” (hint: it’s NEVER the gun owner), and they need you to sympathize with that person. Hence, the six-time felon behaving badly becomes a “homeless man”; nobody would sympathize with the former, but the latter is a different story.

    Hell, the Boston bombers were touted as “victims of gun violence,” and it didn’t make a lick of difference that the dead one was shot by police.

    It’s why missing yesterday’s spoof is no big deal – it’s the kind of thing the antis do, just one step further (and a tiny step at that). It’s also why it makes such good satire.

  3. “…displaying their illegally kept firearm.”

    If the firearm was illegally kept… why were they returned to the students by the campus security folks (but only after they reported the guns as stolen to Spokane police), and no charges were filed against them for the alleged ‘illegal’ keeping of said firearm?

  4. Actually, in Indiana, those “no weapons allowed” policies only apply to students and employees. The rest of us are not barred from having a gun, or even carrying it if we have an LTCH. You’d be a fool to open carry, though, in light of the hysteria the mere word caused at Ball State.

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