If Moms Demand Action do it, is Activism. If Gun Owners do it is Bulliying

MDA was all cheerful and feeling triumphant last week as they convince a Staples Manager to post a Gun Free Zone sign in the store:

MDA Staples VirginiaBut when Gun Owners decided to also go activist…well… it is Bullying (AKA Extortion Light)

MDA Staples Virginia2We are gonna see more of this name-calling as we approach the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Massacre. Don’t be stupid, play it cool, make fun of their shrillness, point the obvious contradictions and keep at it.

They are like the Desperate Stepford Wives on double machiattos, non-soy, cappuccinos with a side of meth. The thought of counter-activism drives them up the moss-covered walls of their high-priced HOAs.

PS: Now that MDA was kind enough to leave the phone numbers of the store and HQ, give them a call.

14 Replies to “If Moms Demand Action do it, is Activism. If Gun Owners do it is Bulliying”

    1. You and me both – this is pathetic – Office Depot here I come – won’t step foot in a Staples again – oh and yes I am a Mom – who cares about protecting my kid from liberals who want to take my freedom and my guns ……. smh

  1. I open carry in Staples fairly regularly and they have no issues with it.

    Mom’s Demand Victims obviously needs some chocolate and a bottle of Midol.

  2. Why does this article only express one side. I’m a mom, and really want to be armed everywhere I go and would love to see others armed as well. Silly reporters, I’m not a bully. I’m just a reasonable American mom. What’s with gun free zones? It’s the same thing as a rob me rape, me hurt my kids while you’re at it zone. Now who’s the bully?

  3. She must be getting really frustrated that her unconstitutional, anti gun, pro crime campaign is failing with a vengeance. I would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to laugh directly in her face while she cowers at the sight of the freedom on my hip.

  4. The Militia is the collective expression of our national inalienable Right of self-defense.

    The greater the number of armed (naturally with at least a little experience) adults walking around, the less success – and more blame and shame – will be had by wannabe blood-lusting gnats seeking a moment of fame, or an eternity of demiparadisiacal harem life.

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