Josh Sugarmann’s Faux Kennedy Exploitation Outrage

A twitter exchange I caught some minutes ago:

VPC Kennedy 3“How does the NRA dare to use the name of Kennedy?” That seems to be the theme of Josh’s article in the HuffingPo. As example, he provides us with a picture of an ad for Kennedy Silver Dollars that appeared in the December issue of American Rifleman (the ad also appeared in other NRA magazines.)

VPC Kennedy 2Now, fellow @greenmeanie1 does raise the objection that nowhere in the posted picture of the ad, the words “commemorating fifty years” as Josh posted in his article appear and he is right.

VPC Kennedy 1But he is also wrong because, you see, that is not the whole ad. It has been cropped to leave “commemorating fifty years” out. Why was cropping necessary? Picture size issues perhaps?

Here is the FULL AD and shows that indeed the words “commemorating fifty years” were used….

VPC Kennedy 4But let’s have a close up, shall we?

VPC Kennedy 5You don’t think that the cropping of the ad had to do with…. nah! Anti Gunners engaging in lies, dishonesty and deception? Nevah!


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