Moms Demand Action: The Kennedy Assassination Shrill. (UPDATES)

Of course, they could not stay away from it. But leave it to its followers to screw things up.

MDA Kennedy1For the heck of it, I checked how much $12.78 would be in today’s economy. It came out to $96.52 or the price of another import easily available anywhere: Mosin-Nagant rifle.

We can see that MDA still engages in Reasoned Discourse by deleting posts from what they n ow call Gun Bullies and the followers have no problem engaging in name-calling either. But you have to admit that Jeffrey Wilson’s post was the best till that time.

I’ll keep an eye on them today. I am sure there will be more goodies coming.


MDA Kennedy2Death to “Gun Trolls.” Why are Anti Gunners so violent?

MDA Kennedy3Stephanie dear, Sandy Hook, Aurora & Columbine are prime examples of Gun Free Zones, the premier victim-generating Gun Control Law of the land. But that would be too much for you to grasp.

MDA Kennedy4Now you see Cesar Avalos….

MDA Kennedy5I am sure Tracey saw a NatGeo show about Somalia and now she is an expert on Warlords and how they managed to massacre armed people all over Somalia….wait… they were unarmed and if not shot, they were starved to death because the Warlords and their armed followers stole the food sent at gun point and without opposition.

And I saw this posted somewhere:

President Kennedy with an evil assault weapon!

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