Brady Campaign Irrelevancy as they Can’t Finish The Job.

Brady Finish the Job signaturesThis Finish The Job thing got launched on November 11, 2013 during the Brady National Summit if I am not mistaken. You know you are irrelevant when two weeks later you have barely managed 15,000 signatures and still have not reached the low-ball limit of 17,000 which makes it as much a failure as Obamacare. At least they have the excuse that their website does not work.

3 Replies to “Brady Campaign Irrelevancy as they Can’t Finish The Job.”

  1. Looks like I’ve been banned from the Brady Bunch’s Facebook page.

    Oil well, sometimes you just have to give in to the urge – and poke the bear… ;^)’

  2. Anyone know if they made it? I would think finding 2000 people in less than 24 hours would be difficult for them, especially since they seemed to have tapped almost their entire national “membership” already.

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