They are getting desperate. (Updated)

This is the new “In” thing for Thanksgivings according to the Gun “Safety” Zealots:

CSGV Desperation thanksgivingsHow desperate do you have to be to actually propose to sabotage Thanksgiving Dinner with politics? What is next? Badgering people in public restrooms?

We are winning.


And now is Mayors Against Illegal Guns (A.K.A. Mayors Waiting to be Arrested and Prosecuted)

MAIG Desperation thanksgivingsDoes that mean we should bring the rest of the Bill of Rights to the same restrictions imposed on the Second Amendment? Sadly for this bunch, the answer would be a very loud YES.

5 Replies to “They are getting desperate. (Updated)”

  1. Talking about a polarizing topic with family and friends when you’re all likely crammed in a single room or two? Brilliant idea. Don’t forget to bring abortion and religion into the mix while you’re at it lol.

  2. Using their own supplied “Fact”, I have yet to hear of any measures proposed that will, reliably, prevent felons from buying firearms, much less remove said firearms from the aforementioned felons. All that has been proposed so far does is make it more difficult for the law-abiding (ie, NON-felons) to legally purchase/carry firearms. Until they can do that, their factoid is null and void.

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