7 Replies to “Current Conditions in Hell: Freeze Warning.”

  1. Huh. “Content currently unavailable.” You don’t suppose FB went in and nuked his picture, do you? They would never do that, right?

      1. Ronald Author is the same dude who tried to convince Linoge from Walls of the City that Samuel Clemens and Mark Twain were different people. That dude is mentally ill.

    1. I was just there and it worked fine. I read that as I was sitting here drinking my coffee, well you can guess the rest. I need windex and a towel.

      I just looked out the window and I swear I saw a pig in the landing pattern for the airport.

  2. “porcines mastered Bernoulli’s Principle”—aerodynamic lift—wings—Ah! Got it!

    But no luck with the facebook page Got a screen capture(Qmark)

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