Coalition To Stop Gun Violence: Increasingly Lowered Expectations.

CSGV Cerberus low goal

Apparently Gun Control Activist are realizing that they are not pulling the draw they were thinking they could.

CSGV Cerberus low goal 2The “New Goal” is interesting. Does that mean they started with an even lower number? In any case, it is an indication that they need to make noise, but it is not the big boom they thought they could achieve.

We know that they are preparing to do a whole Dancing On Blood Marathon (Don’t you dare call it a shameless political exploitation!) on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre and even the Highness at The White House is supporting the effort but mostly to try to deviate the crapload of bad news from the ObamaCare debacle (Squirrel!) I figure we’ll see Uncle Joe “Shotgun” Biden playing Simon Cowell and a galaxy of other menial Hollywood stars attaching themselves doing their bit for the betterment of our society.

UPDATE: It seems they did start with a lower number and only reset the goal when they have secured it.

CSGV Cerberus low goal 3It does not show a lot of confidence on their cause or themselves.

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