Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: Screw the Native Americans

These people are so out there, there is no Greyhound service that covers the area of what passes for their brain. Via The Examiner

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, who called themselves the National Coalition to Ban Handguns, until they decided that they also want so-called “assault weapons” banned, is very fond of accusing gun rights advocates of “racism”–but apparently not at all fond of presenting evidence for these charges, judging by the fact that they almost never do (almost as if they have no evidence). They have, in fact, dismissed pro-rights arguments on the grounds that the person articulating those arguments is white. White=wrong, apparently, although their “About Us” page and “Meet the CSGV Stafff” video certainly appear to be on the pale side.

They also paint a picture of volunteer border security “Minuteman” organizations as “vigilante” hate groups.

That’s why it came as something of a shock to this correspondent that during a Twitter debate, CSGV took the bizarre position that one cannot argue that the seizure by conquest of the North American continent from Native Americans (perhaps with the morally egregious aid of biological warfare) was morally wrong, without being “oppose[d to] the founding of this nation.” Thinking that this was too crazy a position even for CSGV, I sought clarification:


Here is the screencap of the exchange with the blessing of fellow “Inusrrectionist” Kurt Hoffman :

CSGV Indian confiscation lands

No, he is not kidding. We are talking about the same group that had no problem with mass incarcerations of US Citizens based on religious or ethnic issues.

About the “dialogue” and the “common sense measures” they want us to take? They don’t sound that “reasonable” to me. It is more like “We will kill you for the betterment of this nation.”


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  1. I’m…


    They do realize that the party they vote for generally disagrees with them unequivocally as to whether or not the massacre of the American Indian tribes was justified, or even remotely acceptable, right?

  2. CSGV is confusing the *idea* of the founding of the nation with the *specific way* in which it that end goal was executed (no pun intended).

    One CAN disagree with a specific means of achieving a goal without disagreeing with the achievement of that goal.

    The CSGV stance on that subject was the equivalent of them saying “Bob got a car by stealing it. You are against stealing cars, therefore you are against Bob getting a car.” Which is, of course, idiotic. There’s many ways in which one could support the idea of Bob getting a car while still not supporting the specific method of Bob stealing it.

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